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Saturday, October 09, 2010



The water issue has hopefully been addressed for once and all.

Consort and their engineers were quite content to make us all wait a further week to have the services re-instated and I eventually convinced Alan Parvez to let my contractors come in and look at the problem.

Needless to say, they identified the long-term issue within 40 minutes of their arrival and had the water fully restored to the block within 2 hours.

To cut a long story short - there was a problem with a 'high-demand' sensor getting furred up with limescale. The sensor was wholly unnecessary and so my engineers removed it. Consorts engineers have now been around removing all of them from our block and no doubt next door too.

The thing that enrages me is that Consort and their engineers were quite prepared to leave us without water for upto another week "BECAUSE THEY NEEDED A SPECIAL TOOL TO ACCESS THE VALVE - WHICH HAD TO ORDERED FROM GERMANY".

This "Special Tool" turned out to be no more that a standard flat-head screwdriver!!!!

We are no doubt going to be charged for this work and I believe that St George should bear the cost for installing equipment that was not (and is generally known to be) unfit for purpose.

Now all we have to do is wait for the electrical sub-station to completely fail again over Christmas! (That one I can't have fixed - lol).



just one caveat with this - do you think that Peverel/Cnsort or whoever will not charge this back through service charges somehow?

Im on the 8th and now have no water as well so you can say from 8th up now do not have water.

I know a few others on 8 also have had water supply problems which started some time back. Our supply has been fine until today but we have not been able to heat overnight on the cheaper off-peak rate and have been forced to use the 'boost' which is a short sharp and expensive blast of hot water.

I therefore believe there is a seperate, probably related problem with the main central machine that tells each of our individual boiler timers when to switch to off-peak electricity supply. I have spent a small fortune on new immersion heaters, draining and refilling the immersion heaters, changing thermostats, calling Pimlico Plumbers out etc with no change. Also had electric guy from EDF out to check connections from my flat to the shared electricity cupboard, he says there is nothing wrong on that side and it is all Peverel / St Georges side.


We're also on the fourth floor and have water. Text Pascoe on 07967 277510.

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